Have I seriously worked here like 100 days?

That feels insane. I feel like I know like 11 new facts and that’s it. Okay, let’s try to be more realistic. In the last 100 days I learned:

1) some practical Linux stuff
2) I built my second Node app that does a thing
3) figured out how cron notation works
4) made a hubot do a thing… I guess that means I wrote some coffeescript, so, okay that was a first
5) Made a Gulp thing to auto-check for errors or something. I think I deleted it recently but presumably I can do that again
6) bash scripting
7) real-world sql
8) any PHP at all, even though the constant use of $this-> in all code still feels baffling
10) Ran a git merge like a real boy, where it sticks all that >>>>> master junk into your files
11) uhhhh, fuck I guess I set up this site? It wasn’t hard but still….

Okay I guess I’ll keep at it. I still feel like I’m struggling a lot