The shopify exporter!

When a friend asked “is there a way I can automatically backup the important info from my Shopify store?” I figured there had to be an easy way, and sure enough there were a ton of available plugins/services to do just that. Since they’d asked me to do it myself I’d much rather write code than buy a thing and try and configure it. So I wrote a node app to grab it all and send it to S3. Behold the Shopify exporter!

Lessons learned:

  1. Heroku automatically lets you schedule node jobs! I thought I had to write all that code myself! Look out Twitter bots! 😛
  2. There really wasn’t a simple enough walkthrough of s3 uploads for me. They were all covering how to upload user-submitted data, which adds a whole front-end piece I wasn’t worried about.
  3. From the s3 dashboard there’s a button to upload files directly. A parenthetical warns you “Under 5 TB”. lol

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